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Locate best auto insurance in Alaska. Get car insurance quotes from auto insurance providers in your state and compare auto insurance rates to get the coverage that works for your unique situation. Auto insurance companies offer multiple coverage types and comparing car insurance packages offered by several providers can help you to choose the coverage that offers the protection you need. On today's market most auto insurance companies offer several types of coverage along with specialty policies. At you can search through the list of car insurance companies in your area and make the right decision after comparing coverages and rates.

What is the average cost of car insurance in Alaska? The average cost of auto insurance in Alaska is $1,152 per year, which is below national average price of car insurance. Some of the main factors that affect car insurance costs in Alaska include age of the driver, gender and marital status. Typically, younger and less experienced drivers pay significantly more for car insurance than seasoned drivers with good driving history. A seventeen year old driver, for example, may be paying over $4,000 for car insurance per year, while a driver who is in his or her fifties may be paying less than a $1,000 per year. This example shows a significant difference in costs of car incurances for people of different ages. If you are looking for the most affordable and yet reliable car insurance company in Alaska, a good way to compare prices would be by getting a free quote from car insurance companies of your choice. 

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